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David Talfryn-Griffiths

David Talfryn-Griffiths

  • Journalism

  • Trainer

  • Writing

  • I have been working for the past thirty years helping noted cooks and chef prepare their masterpieces. Now I am starting to project the 'self'. My writing areas are general food, however, my true specialitieas are: Vegetarian; Middle Eastern, and West African food.
    I am the person responsible for creating 'New Wave West African Delights'.

    I also teach International Etiquette understanding and offer courses in general cooking skills and Valet training to country house level.

    David Talfryn-Griffiths

    E-mail dtg@mail.gm

    Location Somerset, UK

    Telephone 01225 447125 or 00 220 990 1114 and 00 220 77 46 478