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What Is A Freelancer ?

This is what it isn't:

* Water cooler gossip
* Clock-watching
* Compulsory Corrie debrief
* Office politics
* Fixed hours
* Colleagues with "personal odour" issues
* Excessive political correctness

This is what it is:

"A person, usually self-employed, offering services on a temporary basis, to several businesses, for particular assignments" according to The Concise Oxford Dictionary.

Interestingly, the next entry is "freeloader"...

Freelancing is making your skills work for you in a way that accommodates your work/life balance; it opens up the potential for you to steer your career in a direction that suits you. It's about working at your own pace, taking responsibility for your own future, being captain of your own destiny...

FACT: freelancers tend to earn more money per hour than permanent employees. There's a constant turnover of people, working environments, cultural diversity. Who said a change is as good as a rest? Spot on.

Freelancing is synonymous with flexibility and adaptability. While you may have elected to opt out of the 9 - 5 culture, successful freelancing means being able to say yes very quickly - and no when necessary. Time management skills have never been so important: organisational flair is vital.

Think pies. You're the epicentre, you are Simple Simon, and you need to have a finger in accounting, advertising, promotion, organisation, time management, strategic planning, operations and - oh yes - the work itself. By the same token, you reap the rewards. Not so simple, Simon.

Now let us help with some of those pies...

"A freelance gets paid per word, per piece or perhaps."

-Robert Benchley